Bobrisky Says His Mum Hired Thugs To Mercilessly Beat Him Up For Bringing Shame And Disgrace To Their Family

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Self-proclaimed King of Social media and Nigeria’s Male Barbie, Boobrisky talks to PUNCH about how his parents reacted to his mannerisms.

While his father had no qualms with his lifestyle, his late mother was deeply unsettled and had to hire hoodlums to roughen him up for bringing shame to the family.

He said:

My father knows who I am and he is not bothered. One day he said to me, ‘You’re getting older and you’re over 18, it is up to you to decide if this is the right or wrong path to life.’

When my mum noticed my feminine side, she used to beat me. At some point , she hired some hoodlums to manhandle me because she felt I was bringing shame to the family. Later, she let me be because she noticed the beating did not yield any result.”

But his mother turned around and later accepted him for who he is:

My mum got to love me so much before she died because I’m hard-working. I cooked for her when she was alive, I cleaned  her shoes and  picked her outfits. Before she died, she stopped bothering about Bobrisky.”

The popular crossdresser is fast gaining the attention he had worked so hard for. Last week, he landed his first ever magazine cover with Accelerate TV. 

Now, we can’t wait to see how he flourishes.

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