The Postal Service was disrupted by the Advent of The Email

Kodak Camera was disrupted by the Advent of Digital & Mobile Phone Cameras, Super Markets are being disrupted by E-commerce and Online Shopping And Now Mobile Banking is taking over Traditional Banking. All of these are possible because Change is Constant.

The 7th and Biggest Disruption is happening right now in the Financial World: that is the Advent of Crypto Currency .

According to president barak Obama,  he described cryptocurrency as “Swiss bank in your pocket” .
The US House of Representatives has passed a nonbinding resolution that highlights the positive
potential impact digital currencies and blockchain technology could have on legacy financial systems.

The resolution, which calls on the US government to establish a national policy for technology, was submitted to the House of Representatives in July and passed on Monday October 10, 2016. The aim of the policy is to increase financial inclusion and the use of e-commerce to promote “consumer empowerment.” It specifically identifies digital currencies and blockchain technology as ways to potentially achieve this goal.

Do you want to know what digital/cryptocurrency is all about?
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