Tragedy! Keke Driver Found Dead This Morning in Kakuri Area of Kaduna (Graphic Photos)

Residents of  Kakuri area of Kaduna state were in shock after the Keke Driver found dead in early hour of today.

According to eyewitness, some people were heard dragging something at around 2 am, although he didn’t come out to check, he noticed the shouts must have been about robbery only for people to wake up this morning and find the body of the unidentified Keke driver.

The man was found lying on dead on the floor with his Keke parked beside him. See more photo below;tragedy-keke-driver-found-dead-this-morning-in-kakuri-area-of-kaduna-graphic-photos-1 tragedy-keke-driver-found-dead-this-morning-in-kakuri-area-of-kaduna-graphic-photos-2 tragedy-keke-driver-found-dead-this-morning-in-kakuri-area-of-kaduna-graphic-photos-3


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