Stranded Elephants Rescued After Getting Trapped In A Reservoir

Two adults and a baby elephant were rescued in China on October 11 after they got stuck for two days.

The rescuers were concerned that the animals would die from hunger. They were trapped in the pool of water used by locals. The rescuers used diggers to free the animals from the container. See pictures below; stranded-elephants-rescued-after-getting-trapped-in-a-reservoir-1 stranded-elephants-rescued-after-getting-trapped-in-a-reservoir-3 stranded-elephants-rescued-after-getting-trapped-in-a-reservoir-4 stranded-elephants-rescued-after-getting-trapped-in-a-reservoir-5 stranded-elephants-rescued-after-getting-trapped-in-a-reservoir-6 stranded-elephants-rescued-after-getting-trapped-in-a-reservoir-7

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