Who is The Latest Celebrity to Quit Twitter?

Another day, another celeb who can’t take the heat of social media. This time, a member of Fifth Harmony has called it quits on Twitter after facing a bizarrely strong backlash to her support of Green party presidential candidate Jill Stein.

The trouble began when Lauren Jauregui posted this on her page:




Like, who cares right? Zero part of me is influenced by who a celebrity is supporting this election, but apparently this is the most insane and incendiary thing her followers have ever seen on the Internet, because they began to turn on her.


And she flipped out right back, furiously tweeting that HELLO this is her opinion and at the end of the day, she’s still pro Hillary because she is literally pro-anyone but Trump.





Things only got worse from there as, presumably, the hate continued to roll in. And it wasn’t long before Lauren said BAI to this whole insane fiasco altogether.




Am I missing something? Perhaps the part where she said something BEYOND like “Yay for pedophiles!” or “More asbestos in schools!” or “Socks with sandals 2016!”?

From my POV, it seems like a voter was talking about voting…right? Lauren hinted on her Insta that this whole situation came down to her being a woman with an option and, sadly, she’s probably not wrong.


But one thing seems to be clear: Fifth Harmony is imploding. Lauren recently had a meltdown on stage due to some “emotional” lyrics. Um, ok. The other day her bandmate Camila Cabello also had to run off stage mid-show because of a panic attack.

This band is not going to make it. It takes a lot of talent AND a thick skin to make it as a celeb. Do you think Lauren is overreacting by ditching her social media? Or do you agree that people need to settle down with the relentless “I’M SO OFFENDED” crap, especially where celebs are concerned?


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