Tears of Joy! See What Nollywood Actor Did After Abuja Pastor Gave Him a Brand New Car(Photo)

Nollywood Actor Ayo Emmanuel popularly known as “Nollywood Policeman” burst in tears after  he has been gifted a brand new Peugeot 301 salon car.tears-of-joy-see-what-nollywood-actor-did-after-abuja-pastor-gave-him-a-brand-new-car

A popular Nigerian Pastor Joshua Iginla, who is known for his open-handedness and philanthropic acts gifted a brand new Peugeot 301 to the Nollywood actor yesterday at Pastor Joshua’s Champions Royal Assembly Abuja church.
According to Pastor Joshua Iginla, he decided to gift the car to the actor because he had been coming to the Church for a long time as a pedestrian, or often times with public transport. See more photos below:tears-of-joy-see-what-nollywood-actor-did-after-abuja-pastor-gave-him-a-brand-new-car-1 tears-of-joy-see-what-nollywood-actor-did-after-abuja-pastor-gave-him-a-brand-new-car-3 tears-of-joy-see-what-nollywood-actor-did-after-abuja-pastor-gave-him-a-brand-new-car-2 tears-of-joy-see-what-nollywood-actor-did-after-abuja-pastor-gave-him-a-brand-new-car-5 tears-of-joy-see-what-nollywood-actor-did-after-abuja-pastor-gave-him-a-brand-new-car-6 tears-of-joy-see-what-nollywood-actor-did-after-abuja-pastor-gave-him-a-brand-new-car-7

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