Slim down with the Slimtea plan!

Hundreds of satisfied customers have used this plan, so instead of doubting and joining the naysayers, be a part of the crew who have finally achieved the weight they want!

To follow the Slimtea plan and lose significant weight in weeks, simply brew a cup of Slimtea daily, and practice portion control! The results from day 1 will surprise you!

With effective natural weight loss ingredients like green tea, lotus leaf, cassia seeds and mulberry leaf all combined to give you the most effective weight loss tea in nature!

Slimtea is a 28 day weight loss tea that drives your body into natural weight loss, by reducing your hunger and increasing your calorie and fat burn! Your body will undergo a 28 day cleanse but you will see changes in as small as 2 weeks! 

Slimtea is affordable and available for purchase! Nationwide payment on delivery options available too! Visit our website or contact the following to make enquiries and place your orders; 
CALL/WHATSAPP:08181433296, 09084564395, 09098138709, 09080441897, 09083337537, 09080441904.

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