OMG! Teenage Boy Whose Head Was Hanging To One Side Undergoes Surgery. See His New Photos

A schoolboy who lived with his head hanging to one side is finally able to see the world ‘straight’ after life-changing surgery.

Mahendra Ahirwar, 13, has a rare condition that made his neck muscles so weak his head hung at a 180-degree angle.

His crocked neck meant Mahendra was restricted to just sitting as he was unable to stand or walk and needed help to eat and go to the toilet.

But Mahendra’s life has been transformed thanks to a stranger, mother-of-two Julie Jones living 4,000 miles away in Liverpool who read his story and raised £12,000 for an operation to straighten his neck. Now the Mahendra can do the same things other boys his age can – like go to school.

See more photos below….

omg-teenage-boy-whose-head-was-hanging-to-one-side-undergoes-surgery-see-his-new-photos2 omg-teenage-boy-whose-head-was-hanging-to-one-side-undergoes-surgery-see-his-new-photos3 omg-teenage-boy-whose-head-was-hanging-to-one-side-undergoes-surgery-see-his-new-photos6 omg-teenage-boy-whose-head-was-hanging-to-one-side-undergoes-surgery-see-his-new-photos5 omg-teenage-boy-whose-head-was-hanging-to-one-side-undergoes-surgery-see-his-new-photos4 omg-teenage-boy-whose-head-was-hanging-to-one-side-undergoes-surgery-see-his-new-photos7

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