OMG! See The Shocking Thing That Happened To A Man Who Doubted A Controversial Pastor During Service

A man who was doubting the miracles being performed by controversial Zimbabwean pastor , Prophet Shepherd Bushiri a.k.a Major 1 in a church service yesterday was allegedly met with “fire from above” which burnt his jacket.omg-see-the-shocking-thing-that-happened-to-a-man-who-doubted-a-controversial-pastor-during-service-3

Read the press statement as released by the church;
Miracle Sunday LIVE: Don’t challenge God…

As the man of God continues to minister and demonstrate the power of God, something out-of-this world takes place.

A man runs forward screaming and asking the God of Major 1 to forgive him. To the surprise of many, this man holds up a burnt jacket. He notifies the masses that he was doubting the things that were taking place in this place.

In response, fire from above, came down on him!

Readers worldwide, the things of the spirit can only be spiritually discerned. Do not challenge the power of God, He is in this place and He is scheduled to touch your life.
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, has been mocked in the past for sensationally claiming he was head of a made up organisation called AFFRICI, that he can ‘enter the spirit realm’, that God blessed him with a private jet – which no one is allowed to see and that he can walk on air. See more photo below;

omg-see-the-shocking-thing-that-happened-to-a-man-who-doubted-a-controversial-pastor-during-service-1 omg-see-the-shocking-thing-that-happened-to-a-man-who-doubted-a-controversial-pastor-during-service-2 omg-see-the-shocking-thing-that-happened-to-a-man-who-doubted-a-controversial-pastor-during-service omg-see-the-shocking-thing-that-happened-to-a-man-who-doubted-a-controversial-pastor-during-service-4

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