Meet The Couple Who Lived in a Cave For 54 years

The lives of 81 year-old Liang Zifu and Li Suying, his 77 year-old wife, will make you marvel. If you live a life full of luxury, their story will remind you of the constant struggle of people all over the world.

This couple has been living in a cave near Nanchong city for the past 54 years; they raised their four children there and tried living normal lives there. This cave is situated in southwest China’s Sichuan

They moved into the cave when they got married because they could not afford to build a house in the village. Over time, they have been able to create three bedrooms, one kitchen and a pigsty in the cave.

The local authorities tried making the couple leave their cave house and find somewhere better to live. The old couple however refused to live as they have gotten accustomed to their house which they said is appropriate for the weather. It is cooler than outside in summer and said to be warmer inside when it is

It is interesting to note that this old couple has seen this cave as their home and are not ready to leave; this should not be surprising as they have spent many beautiful years in that space and have had wonderful moments in it.

They are simply happy with what they have and hold the cave dear to their hearts. See pictures of the couple who lived in a cave for 54 years below:

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