Who Seriously Pissed Off Ashton Kutcher?

I can think of a lot of people who would have a problem with Ashton Kutcher (did you see The Butterfly Effect?) but he seems like a pretty chill guy without many enemies of his own. Wrong!

Mila Kunis‘ better half served as guest host on Live With Kelly! (can she just pick a co-host already?) and decided to abuse his position to grill “friend” Laura Prepon about not telling him that she was engaged to Ben Foster.

“She just announced this engagement. I had to find out in the news! And she’s my friend, and it’s weird like that!” Ashton half-joked to Kelly. He continued the gag (which, kind of wasn’t, I think he was legit very irked) when the Orange Is The New Black star (and his former That ’70s Show costar) came out on stage.

“I am so pissed off at you,” he growled at her. “Pre, this is unacceptable. This kind of thing is unacceptable.”

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

“Kutch … I know,” she replied, “but if anyone understands the private lives, you do. You get it.”

“I get it, but private lives include friends!” he shot back!

Laura just got engaged to serial-proposer Ben (he was engaged to Robin Wright just last year) after three whole months of dating and clearly, kept it very under wraps. I don’t really blame AK for being annoyed–if you treat a friend like you can’t trust them, can you even call them a friend at all?

What would you have done if you were Laura–shout your love from the rooftops or wait until the paparazzi noticed your ring finger?


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