Touching Photo of Man Carries His Sick Daughter On His Head, Passes Through Flood In Order To Reach Hospital

A desperate  father  Pangi Satibabu, 30, a farmer, from Kudumusare village in Andhra Pradesh, carried his six-month-old daughter above his head for three miles to the nearest health centre after heavy rainfall led to a deluge.
Mr Satibabu was worried about his daughter’s high fever but all the roads connecting his village to other parts of the state and nearby hospitals were flooded.touching-photo-of-man-carries-his-sick-daughter-on-his-head-passes-through-flood-in-order-to-reach-hospital-2

But this week, when her temperature had still not come down, he decided to walk despite his family warning him of the risks.touching-photo-of-man-carries-his-sick-daughter-on-his-head-passes-through-flood-in-order-to-reach-hospital-3

The little girl was eventually admitted to the Primary Health Centre in Chintapalli, where she was tested and treated for a viral infection.

Dr Yerramsetty Venkatswararao said: ‘The child is still in hospital but is out of danger.

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