Police/DSS Operatives manhandle Governor Wike in failed attempt to abduct a Federal High Court Judge

Governor Wike alleges plot to declare state of emergency in Rivers State. According to a statement signed by Special Assistant to the Rivers State Governor, Electric Media, Sime Nwakaudu, the illegal siege Rivers State by Federal eecurity agencies ctinued unabated during the early hours of Saturday as hundreds of Department of State Services (DSS) operatives and policemen attempted to illegally abduct a Federal High Court judge residing at Number 35 Forces Avenue in Port Harcourt.

The illegal failed abducti was led by Mr Tosin Ajayi, Rivers State Director of the Department of State Services (DSS) and Rivers State Police Commissier, Mr Francis Odesanya.

The operatives of DSS reportedly rough-handled Governor Wike, pushing him around and injuring his hand. A few of the operatives cocked their rifles and threatened to shoot the Governor.
They were irked by Governor Wike’s arrival at the scene shortly after the failed abducti process began. It was learnt that Governor Wike received security informati the illegal moves, minutes after the operati started.
The security operatives blocked the entrance of the residence of the Federal High Court judge at about 1am saturday morning, claiming that they were acting orders from above. As they dragged Governor Wike, they insisted that they must be allowed to leave with the judge.
However, the commoti attracted passers by and journalists who thrged the vicinity to know why hundreds of security agents in several Patrol vans had been mobilised.
Up the arrival of the natial media, the Rivers State Director of the DSS, Mr Tosin Ajayi jumped into his vehicle and fled the scene.
However, addressing journalists, Rivers State Police Commissier, Francis Odesanya said the two security agencies were at the scene because they received privileged informati.
Odesanya claimed he was at the scene as a peace maker. He declined comments why the Police joined the DSS to abduct a serving Federal High Court judge.
In an interview with journalists at the scene of the failed illegal abducti of a Federal High Court judge by the Police and DSS, Governor Wike said it will not be under his watch that security agencies wiĺl be allowed to entrench needless impunity.
He declared that their reckless acti portends danger to the nati’s democracy, noting that he is cvinced that President Buhari is not aware of the level of impunity being perpetrated by Federal Securiy agencies.
Governor Wike stated that whatever the situati, the rule of law must prevail in a democratic setting.
He said if the security agencies had a lawful directive to implement, they must follow due process .
According to him:

“Not under my watch wiĺl I allow this kind of impunity to take place. That is why we are . I d’t know which judge they were detailed to abduct. I didn’t bother myself to know which judge. All I am interested in is that, at this level, it is not allowed.

“He is not a criminal and he is not an armed robber. If the pers has committed an offence, invite him. It is ly when he refuses to hour the invitati that you can adopt this commando style.

“The Commissier of Police is , the Director of DSS is . Their operatives cocked their guns and threatened to shoot me. I have never seen that before. Again , this is to tell you what we are facing . We know that more will come. For us in this state, we shall ctinue to resist it.”

Governor Wike added:

“It doesn’t matter what it will cost. When you talk about liberty, sacrifices must be made. We are not trying to stop an arrest. All we are saying is that things must be de decently and in line with the rule of law.

“Rivers State is under siege. For you to see a governor out at this time of the day, something is wrg. A siege is an understatement. If this type of thing happens next time, the people wiĺl resist it to the last”.

The governor stressed:

“They are trying to do something funny in this state, probably to declare a state of emergency.

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