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Business Owners, Law Enforcement and Parents have taken a very big interest in Hidden Cameras. To keep on eye on theft from employees, parents are buying nanny cameras to protect their child from the babysitter, and Police to catch the criminals in the act.

Security is important in your home. Is someone inside your home that you think is stealing things from you? Some times we get a gut feeling that someone moved something in our home. You know you put your favorite earrings in your jewelry box two days ago but you went to look for them today and they are gone.

You need hidden cameras to monitor your home properly.

Types of hidden cameras

Nowadays, the building security systems play a huge role. For this purpose, they use alarm systems, as well as all types of hidden video cameras. Hidden cameras may be used for household surveillance and may also be used commercially or industrially as security cameras.

Video cameras have recently received quite a lot of attention for the protection of large buildings and in monitoring of domestic and office space. Lately, the scope of this type of equipment has expanded: virtually, all modern objects are equipped with external and internal surveillance cameras. Low prices for such cameras make this possible. The use of hidden cameras raises personal privacy issues and there may be legal aspects to consider, depending on the jurisdiction in which their use takes place.


Let’s take a look at three types of hidden cameras:

The first type is the street hidden cameras. They got the greatest distribution for protection of entrances of shopping centers, parking lots, government, military, and various civil buildings. They are characterized by an excellent protection from external influences and make a high quality video even in conditions of poor visibility.

Infrared illumination increases the efficiency of street camera in the dark, especially if there is an additional light source. Virtually all video devices of this type are supplied with shock protection, which helps protect an expensive equipment from vandalism.


The second type of cameras is designed especially for the indoor use. They are much smaller than the street ones because they are intended for use only during the working hours of shops and offices. For this type of surveillance cameras prices will be lower, and the system itself may consist of duty and basic cameras (more powerful duty cameras control the main units of buildings during non-business hours). Such a system has a good efficiency, especially if you are using the camera for covert surveillance.


The third type is a covert video surveillance, which will be useful in selling divisions. The practice shows that warning about hidden surveillance also works very effectively. Note, however, that the placement of such cameras should be made by professionals, though in this case it will cost you a bit more.


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