'Sexual predator allegatis': More Nigerian ladies speak up and reveal shocking secrets

Two days ago, an ‘alleged’ sexual predator was ‘exposed’ by a lady Nigerian twitter, who insisted that she had proof and was standing up for the victims involved. Read here. Now, since these were allegatis, some took it serious, others brushed it off and demanded for more proof. Today, what was requested for, emerged.

Turns out the guy accused, Izien, hired a ‘lawyer’ and threatened to sue the lady who made the accusatis, in a letter addressed to her former employer. He also released a statement addressing the issue. This was however a wrg move as other ladies, who have suffered his alleged manipulatis, blackmail and sexual predatory antics, came out to expose him. The Police definitely needs to get involved in this. See Izen’s statement and more shocking revelatis from ladies as you ctinue.

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