Presidency denies reports that GEJ's account has been frozen & they've stopped paying his allowances

The Presidency has denied claims by some youths in Bayelsa state that it has frozen the accounts of former President Goodluck Jathan and stopped his allowances as a former President.

During a protest in the state yesterday, Youths in Bayelsa accused the present administrati of victimizing the former president and his family using the EFCC and other related agencies. This claim has now been debunked by Shehu Garba. statement below…

The allegati by demstrators in Bayelsa State Thursday that allowances due to a former President have been stopped and his bank accounts were frozen is patently untrue. We have cfirmed with the Secretary to the Government of the Federati (SGF) that the former President and the other past leaders were paid their allowances up to the secd quarter. The past leaders have not been paid third quarter allowances but will get their dues when remittances are received by the SGF from the Ministry of Finance. Also, the story of account closure is false. It is not known to the investigati agencies. The Natial Security Adviser to the President is not aware of this bank account closure; the DG SSS is unaware of it, the EFCC is unaware and the IG of Police is not in the know. With all of these agencies not being involved, how then could a thing like that happen? In a dream perhaps! To put it starkly, we believe t is a clear motive for the demstrati that is different from that which was being canvassed. This is a premeditated attempt to blame President Muhammadu Buhari for something he knows nothing about. These claims are false and poorly sourced to present a picture of vendetta; and they should be disregarded by well-meaning members of the public. President Buhari remains committed to the ideals of justice and fairness to all irrespective of creed, religi and political leanings. His administrati will not engage in vendetta.

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