Mum of 4 left horrified after logging to Facebook and finding pics of herself splashed across the news feed claiming she was dead

32 year old mother of four Candice Haines who suffers from Crohin disease, has revealed her horror at receiving calls from loved es saying she was dead and logging to social networking site, Facebook ly to find her news feed littered with ‘Rest in peace’ and obituary messages of herself.

Candice’s  photo was used a health website, Daily Records, showing another woman and fellow Crohns’ sufferer who had died from the disease, immediately she was flooded with calls from ccerned family and friends including her own father – after the story of her ‘death’ was shared across social media.
Candice speaking to the Sun UK Thursday said:
“When I woke up last Tuesday to my dad calling me and lots of missed calls, I knew something wasn’t right. He was in a right panic as he’d seen the post Facebook and presumed something had happened in the night. I was in complete shock, my thought was, ‘why would somee write a story about me being dead?’ 

 “Obviously it was a complete misunderstanding but it took hours to reply to all the messages line and let my closest friends and family know I was in fact alive. Thankfully I’m alive and I could shock those who thought I was dead with the best possible respse, ‘I’m alive and well’.”

According to Candice, she shared her story of her Crohn disease cditi  in September last year to raise awareness for the effects the bowel cditi has had her life.
 “I wanted to raise awareness and I suppose that even a story like this does that as it’s making people talk and understand the seriousness of the disease. I really have no idea how it happened, somee posted it in a Crohn’s group called IBD Superheroes and before I knew it I had so many inbox messages that I couldn’t even m all and reply quick enough. Because I’m really active in the line Crohn’s community it was shared so many times and read by thousands across the country.” 

“When I took the youngest es to school last week all the mum’s at the school gates were shocked to see I was actually alive. Even my local chemist who I have been going to for years for my medicati thought I had died.”

Source: Sun UK

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