Jhene Aiko has reportedly dumped Big Sean after he cheated…

Singer Jhene Aiko left her husband for Big Sean and it seems they are now having issues if the story from MediaTakeOut is to be believed. Read it below…

Word the curb is that Jhene Aiko caught Big Sean cheating with a popular Latina insta-thottie. MediaTakeOut.com spoke with an insider close to Sean who told us, “Sean is not the kind of guy who you can stop from cheating – he loves women too much. Especially small Latina es.”. And we may have cfirmati of the breakup. A popular message board is claiming that Jhene is already out of there.

Here is what is being reported elsewhere:

[Jhene Aiko] unfollowed [Big Sean] Instagram yesterday, and everye who noticed thought it wasn’t a big deal (but please keep in mind [that]she would cstantly unfollow [ex-husband] Dot whenever he did something wrg etc.) she also liked a tweet yesterday that said something alg the lines of “If you can not provide something somee is seeking, love them enough to leave room for somee who can show up.”

Well today she unfollowed a bunch of fan IG accounts that was dedicated to him or their relatiship, she deleted a few IG photos, changed captis certain pictures that involved them & she also changed her twenty88 header Twitter to a picture that says “keep smiling”

The thing that makes this weird is that Sean is still liking photos/tweets of her. Now this is just my assumpti but him doing that makes me believe that he’s either trying to get her attenti or they left it good terms but the best way for her to get through it is to erase him from her social media sort of speak either way something is up

Persally I was wishing them well but something felt “off” the moment I saw her falling for Sean imo a mth ago is when I felt like Sean to be bored/uninterested in my eyes like the excitement of it all fell off for him I also thought it was weird that he didn’t defend her against Dot/Cudi and given Sean’s sketchy behavior in his past relatiships I d’t think he’s ready for anything serious he has a lot of growing up to do and he seems to can’t let go of the guilt he feels about how he treated Ashley

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