Female ex Corps members arrested in Akwa Ibom over alleged prostituti while celebrating passing out and charged to court

Over 30 women, mostly female ex-members of the Natial Youth Service Corps, were arrested yesterday night while celebrating their passing out at a popular joint in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

A team of Special Anti-Robbery operatives stormed the popular Maitama in Ewet Housing, arresting all the women present in a raid aimed at eradicating the area of prostitutes. They were ex-corpers but arrested as prostitutes… sigh

According to Akwa Ibom Trending, quoting The Mail,

The women were accused of engaging in prostituti. The women were chauffeured police vans enroute the court. Efforts by family members of the former corp s members to bail their daughters met brick walls as the police said they have “orders from above” to charge them to court. 

A female corps member told us cditi of anymity said she was lucky to have been in the rest room at e of the joints when the police stormed the place. She said the arrest of her colleagues who were just celebrating their passing out is an infringement their fundamental human rights, stating that the acti by the police has painted Akwa Ibom in very bad light.

See photos from the raid…

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