H0rny Young Couple Busted Fondling and Kissing on a Parked Car in Broad Daylight (Photo)

A young teenage girl and her middle-aged boyfriend have been captured on camera caressing and kissing outside their car in full view of the public over the past wekeend at the Cleveland Dam in Zimbabwe.

According to H-Metro, the hrny couple took time romancing each other before the man lifted his lover in his arms and placed her inside the car on the back seat, and only heavens knows how it ended.  See more photos below;h0rny-couple-busted-fondling-and-kissing-on-a-parked-car-in-broad-daylight-photo-1 h0rny-couple-busted-fondling-and-kissing-on-a-parked-car-in-broad-daylight-photo-2 h0rny-couple-busted-fondling-and-kissing-on-a-parked-car-in-broad-daylight-photo-3 h0rny-couple-busted-fondling-and-kissing-on-a-parked-car-in-broad-daylight-photo-4

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