Drama as Witch Caught While Trying to Bury Charm in Her Neighbour’s Compound (Photos)

According to a social media user, A woman alleged to be a witch has been caught red-handed and disgraced after she tried to bury diabolic charm in her neighbour’s compound in a community in Anambra State.

She was caught and beaten before she was paraded in public. See details + more photo below;drama-as-witch-caught-while-trying-to-bury-charm-in-her-neighbours-compound-photos-2 drama-as-witch-caught-while-trying-to-bury-charm-in-her-neighbours-compound-photos-1 drama-as-witch-caught-while-trying-to-bury-charm-in-her-neighbours-compound-photos-3 drama-as-witch-caught-while-trying-to-bury-charm-in-her-neighbours-compound-photos-4


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