See Photos Of This ‘Greedy’ Thief caught in Abuja After he Robbed a Phone Shop Then Returned Next Day to Rob Again

An alleged phone thief was yesterday caught and paraded by a small mob after he stole a phone worth 210k at Emab Abuja.

What makes the whole situation more shocking is that, according to the owners of the shop, the young man had allegedly stolen a phone worth N140,000 successfully at the same shop just a day before. And returned the next to steal again.

The angry mob only gave him several hot slaps before handing him over to the police.

Photos continue below.


see-photos-of-this-greedy-thief-caught-in-abuja-after-he-robbed-a-phone-shop-then-returned-next-day-to-rob-again3 see-photos-of-this-greedy-thief-caught-in-abuja-after-he-robbed-a-phone-shop-then-returned-next-day-to-rob-again4 see-photos-of-this-greedy-thief-caught-in-abuja-after-he-robbed-a-phone-shop-then-returned-next-day-to-rob-again5 see-photos-of-this-greedy-thief-caught-in-abuja-after-he-robbed-a-phone-shop-then-returned-next-day-to-rob-again6 see-photos-of-this-greedy-thief-caught-in-abuja-after-he-robbed-a-phone-shop-then-returned-next-day-to-rob-again7

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