Rapper Kid Cudi Checks Into Rehab For Suicidal Thoughts

Every once in a while something warms the cold corridors of my reptilian little heart and brings a tear to my mischievous little eyes. Today such a thing happened when I read that rapper Kid Cudi, who also has acted on the sadly cancelled HBO show How To Make It In America, checked into rehab for depression and suicidal thoughts.

Cudi’s oh so open Facebook post was positively wrenching. Read it for yourself, darlings, and see if your own heartstrings don’t feel a tug.




“I feel so ashamed”–isn’t that just the most wrenching thing you’ve ever heard? It’s not often a celeb opens up so much especially about mental illness and depression, which sadly still carry the stigma as something you can just decide to overcome because it’s not a real thing. Well my minions, it is.

So while Cudi bravely tries to exorcise his demons in rehab, use him as an example to either get help yourself if you’re struggling or be there to encourage a friend who may be.


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