Private Jet Forced To Land After Huge Bird Flies Into It And Gets Lodged In Its Nose (Photo)

A poor bird died unfortunatly after flying into an jet and becoming embedded in its nose.plane-forced-to-land-after-huge-bird-flies-into-it-and-gets-lodged-in-its-nose-photo-1

The Cessna 650 jet was forced to land after the bird collided with it. It struck the aircraft as it flew near Caracas-Simón Bolívar International Airport in Venezuela. Unsurprisingly, the bird died on impact.plane-forced-to-land-after-huge-bird-flies-into-it-and-gets-lodged-in-its-nose-photo-2
The pilot was able to land safely yesterday with no reported injuries to those inside. It’s unclear what species of bird hit the plane, but it appears it may be a large bird of prey.

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