MTO WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Kim’s Robbery Timeline . . . DOESN’T MATCH UP . . . Kanye Canceled His SHOW . . . Two Hours BEFORE THE ROBBERY HAPPENED!! (Uh Oh . . . They Messed Up)

: just uncovered some BLOCKBUSTER piece of evidence, that calls into question whether Kim Kardashian’s “robbery” was really an elaborate HOAX. This is exclusive report.

We took a long hard look at the timeline of events, and something just doesn’t make sense to US.

According to REUTERS, who spoke DIRECTLY with Police in Paris, the robbery took place at approximately 3:00am Paris time. Since Paris is 6 hours AHEAD from NYC time – that would mean it happened at approximately 9:00 PM New York time.

But Kanye West walked off the stage for his NY show at about 7:15 PM. At least according to more than a dozen Twitter accounts from fans at the concert.

How is it possible that Kanye could have known about the robbery, almost TWO HOURS before Paris police say it happened? Could Kanye actually be in on an ELABORATE HOAX.

We really hope the Kardashians ain’t concoct this entire story. But we can’t put ANYTHING past them.



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