‘Miraculous’ Cross Appears ‘Suddenly’ Near Mosque In Nasarawa State, Nigerian Christians Say It Is Healing People & Working Wonders & Rain Couldn’t Wash It Away (+ Shocking Photos)

Mr. Danjuma A Joseph has taken to his page to narrate an interesting experience of how a cross miraculously appeared in Nasarawa State. He wrote:

This miraculous CROSS suddenly appeared in Assakio, headquarters of Lafia East Development Area of Nasarawa State, since on Wednesday, 28th September, 2016 and people kept trooping-in to see the hand of God at work.
A woman was healed of her three years sickness when she prayed there and so many things kept on happening since this development took place.
The good thing about it is that, the discovery was made by a non-Christian lady, who saw it and kept it to her self for some hours, but the spirit couldn’t allow her sleep that night, so she came out and told people.
Another spectacular misery about the miraculous CROSS is that it appeared near a Mosque (there’s nothing God cannot do).
It rained like never before on the night of Thursday, for over five hours and when people rushed the following morning to see if the CROSS was washed away, to their greatest imagination, it appeared more clearer. God is good. Praise be to Him!
Happy Sunday!

See photos below:


Mr. Danjuma.




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12 Responses

  1. jeremiah says:

    relly Jesus is Lord.my brother,sister,father,mother dis is d end of time,ar u prepare ur self?

  2. Frank says:

    God is doing everything to inform man that the end of all flesh is fast approaching and also the coming of his son( Jesus is imminent) The cross didnt appeared for fun, rather God is reaching out to us expecially to the unsaved. please friends dont take the cross for granted, and dont go to hell. God loves us..

  3. Elam says:

    Those who are yet to believe in Jesus Christ should take this as a warning. Jesus is for all mankind. Miracles are for unbelievers. Please let us hold to the faith we proclaim. God is still in the business of looking for the lost.

  4. Abraham Omede says:

    If we refuse to reach out to pple to tell them about God, He will do it himself and this is what He has started doing this is a wake up call for us Christian.

  5. Alfa-romeo Ul says:

    God do not want any human beings to go to hell so he again send the cross of salvation even that our muslim brother will believe in the true God and be saved as well. Alfa-romeo

  6. dusmen says:

    is miraculous because god seen everybody bending to the gate of hell,so he has to use the miraculous cross to show that is the eternal way of live for all people.

  7. Manga Rifkatu Ndidi says:

    Am so happy about the cross, we should try to turn away from our sin and ask God to come and take control of our life

  8. Peter Auta Yekpowudu says:

    A symbol of Unit and Love, if humanly we could not remain as an entity, God use other plainly means to remind us that we must remain one. No excuss in the Judgement DAY.

  9. Chindo Linus says:

    Jesus Christ is coming soon
    let us be ready

  10. Ibrahim bassi
    now is d time of salvation, 2day salvation is availabe 4 all thru repentance in christ jesus. 2 god b d glory!

  11. JAFIYA says:

    Jesus Christ save Us by your grace

  12. jesus christ the same yesterday and today he change not,he has been doing it before and he can still do it in these our wicked generation,it is not a new thing he said it before abd his word must come to pass in the the book of revelation

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