Winning Way series – "For a great door and effectual is opened unto me and there are many adversaries" CORINTHIANS 16:09

Today, we begin a series of winning ways, it is with great enthusiasm and profound joy as it gladdens my heart to know that amidst every ugly situation that has befallen you in this life, you were able to survive and keep going.

I welcome you to this platform where purpose is defined, dreams are inspired and courage build to excel in all ramifications. Your testimony is a product of your unrelenting spirit in never to give up even in the darkest moment of life.

Today in the world, a lot of expectations have been dashed, dreams shattered and faded away, hope lost and it seems there are no headway, no wonder the rate of suicide is alarming, marriages are
crashing, disappointment and failed relationships, betrayal and drug abuse. I am glad to bring to you this day, it doesn’t matter how life has dealt with you or thrown at you. You might have been hit by the frustration of life and your only wish is for death to give you eternal peace.

That is a big lie from the pit of HELL.

You weren’t destined to end that way, you are created for a purposed and will never be cut short, He (God) knows your name and the hell you have been through. Today He is saying to you in Jeremiah 1:4 that before you were born, He sanctified thee and form thee in thy belly. He has set an opened door which no man can close.

In Lamentation 3:37. Who is he that said a word and it cometh to pass when the Lord commanded it not? No man or woman on earth, under the earth or beneath the sea level has a control over your life and destiny as you just read above.

It’s time to act and dismantle that which has troubled you, be bold, stand up and summon the courage to challenge that which have relegated you all this years in pains. For a great door and effectual is opened unto you but there are many adversaries.

You have believed so much in your fears and weaknesses, now is time to fight those adversaries. Go to God  in prayers with a broken spirit, no matter what life brings to you, there’s a power inherent in you that’s able to make you overcom. You can only conquer that which you are able to confront.

You have stayed so much in that situation and you are beginning to get comfortable with it not because you like it but because you have believed in the lies your fear has instilled in you.

Today I  pray for you as I conclude, I don’t know that which has denied you joy and happiness in life but as the Lord God lives, your testimony will not be far from this day.

He will bless and restore you, your home,your finances and all that you have ever lost because He knows your name and you shall weep no more, the grave will never be your portion at your prime age for you will be favored above limitations.

You are blessed in JESUS name Amen.

Kind Regards


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