See What This Young Man Did After Escaping Fatal Fuel Tanker Explosion (Photo)

A young man is filled with praises to God after escaping a fatal fuel tanker accident.

The incident reportedly left at least, four dead and many injured after the petrol tanker caught fire and exploded along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

The young man whose vehicle was very close to the explosion -couldn’t help but get on his knees to thank God after the tragedy…See more photo below;

see-what-this-young-man-did-after-escaping-fatal-fuel-tanker-explosion-photo-2 see-what-this-young-man-did-after-escaping-fatal-fuel-tanker-explosion-photo-3 see-what-this-young-man-did-after-escaping-fatal-fuel-tanker-explosion-photo-4

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