Guys, we have a problem

We are supposed to have our Best Cook competition right now but I’m yet to receive photos from one of our cooks, Florence Onyeike.

She was to be up against Barong today. Food cooked was yam and egg sauce. Barong has sent in her pics but I’m yet to get Florxy’s.

This is not Barong’s food o
Why I said we have a problem is I’ve been trying to reach her for days now but her number has been switched off. Quite unlike her. It’s never happened before.

She was supposed to travel back to Abuja from Owerri on Wednesday but since then, I haven’t been able to reach her to even confirm she got home safe. Fingers crossed, I’m hoping she replies soon.

So, until then, please bear with us.

EA sent me list of noise makers again. Hmmmmmn. is coming up next.

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