WTF Alert: Rob Kardashian Used To Have A Crush…ON HIS SISTER?

Celebrities, especially the Kardashian clan, have no shortage of WTF moments. Don’t believe me? Let us turn to an interview with Rob Kardashian and his maybe-no-longer fiancee Blac Chyna.

The interviewer asked if they knew each other’s childhood crushes.

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Rob revealed that Chyna had a thing for Ricky Martin.

But who did Chy say was top of Rob’s list? Jennifer Lopez.

“That’s pretty accurate,” Rob confirms, as if anyone could blame him. JLo isn’t a person, she’s a mystical ageless Latin unicorn from heaven.

“J.Lo and Kim Kardashian,” Chyna adds.


Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Larry Busacca/Getty Images

“That is also pretty accurate,” Rob says–with a straight face–before Chyna shrugs and adds, “These are facts.”

HA HA HA. SORRY, I JUST HALLUCINATED. I thought Rob said he had a crush–a lusty crush–on his sister. That can’t be right. Right? Right, minions???



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