Angelina Jolie Is Working With The Real-Life Olivia Pope

It takes a village to end Brangelina’s marriage.

While Angelina Jolie famously doesn’t have a publicist, she is staffing up when it comes to her divorce from Brad Pitt.  Jolie has hired Judy Smith, the crisis manager who inspired Scandal goddess Olivia Pope, in a consultant capacity as she dissolves her marriage.


Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Prior to handling Angie’s divorce, Smith worked as a White House deputy press secretary. That gig reportedly inspired Olivia Pope, so she’s real.

One insider said that Smith is part of the team “working with Angelina on divorce negotiations.” Apparently, the goal is to swiftly and discreetly end this union, which is crumbling in front of millions of captivated eyes.

Judy has also worked Paula Deen and Monica Lewinsky, helping them to repair their tarnished reputations when they took a hit.

If you were hoping that Brangelina would call this off and reconcile, you better let go of that falsehood and quick. This hire is proof that Angie means business.



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