World's Tallest Teenage Girl Unable To Walk Because Her Bones Can't Support Her Frame. Photos

The world’s tallest teenage girl is unable to walk as her bones cannot support her 7ft frame…Rumeysa Gelgi, 19, suffers from a rare condition called Weaver Syndrome which leaves her reliant on a wheelchair….The teenager from Safranbolu, a small town in the north of Turkey, is the world’s tallest teenage girl.

Rumeysa said: “I received long stares from people because I looked different and they were naturally curious about me.” She added: “I became aware of my health condition when I was about five or six years old. I started to wonder why I looked different from other kids of my age.”

The teenager suffers from a rare condition called Weaver Syndrome – at the time of her birth in 1997 there had only been 20 reported cases.

Due to her rapid growth, Rumeysa has issues getting around as her bones struggle to support her body and she relies on her parents’ help.

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