See The Horrific Moment Wife Films Husband Strangling His Mother Because She is Sturbbon (Photos)

An Indian man tried to strangle his elderly mother to death while his young daughter watch and his evil wife of the brute filmed the scene.

The old woman, named Mayawati, can be seen desperately struggling and kicks both her arms and legs as she fights back.

According to Dailymail the wicked son, Vaidya was captured on camera showing no emotion as he attempted to murder his mother as she writhes on the floor.
His wife can be heard encouraging the vile act, even saying, ‘This woman is so stubborn,’ when the octogenarian tries to speak.see-the-horrific-moment-wife-films-husband-strangling-his-mother-because-she-is-sturbbon-photos-2
The man’s wife got more involved in the killing as she holds Mayawati’s hand to prevent her from getting up.
The couple’s young daughter was also captured watching the violent and disturning scene, and at one point, the father told the little girl to stab her grandmother in the stomach.
Fortunately the elderly woman was saved just in time when an NGO worker arrived at the house in the Andheri suburb in Mumbai following a tip-off.
Vaidya was arrested amid reports that he has been abusing his mother for many years, while Mayawati was taken to hospital and is said to be recovering.
Meanwhile both the daughter-in-law and grandaughter are on the run from the authorities.

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