See What Mark Zuckerberg Told Pro-Biafran Supporter to Do If He Wants Him to Promote Biafra

A pro-Biafran activist, named Ejike Ofoegbu wanted Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to promote and support his pro-Biafra group on social media has been handed a very tough task as the only option to get Zuckerberg’s support.
Ofoegbu was shocked when Zuckerberg replied his message begging for assistance to promote the Biafran cause using his facebook platform. Mark has now given him a very tough task to accomplish in two days for his own request to be approved. See their conversation below;
 omg-22-year-old-girl-who-arranged-her-own-kidnap-with-boyfriend-to-extort-money-from-her-parents-photo omg-22-year-old-girl-who-arranged-her-own-kidnap-with-boyfriend-to-extort-money-from-her-parents-photo1 omg-22-year-old-girl-who-arranged-her-own-kidnap-with-boyfriend-to-extort-money-from-her-parents-photo-1

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