See How This Beautiful Chinese Lady Face Was Disfigured By Another Woman (Photos)

A Chinese woman who was allegedly caught cheating with another woman’s man has been brutally beaten and left disfigured on the street yesterday.see-how-this-pretty-lady-face-was-disfigured-by-another-woman-photosvideo
Dailymail reports that Chinese media claimed that the 28-year-old woman was thought to be a mistress and she had been beaten after getting caught by her lover’s wife in Anqiu city, eastern China’s Shandong Province.
Passersby who found the woman in the shrubs alerted the police, who are currently investigating the case.
The woman was found on the crossroads of Shangchang Road and Jian’an Road. see-how-this-pretty-lady-face-was-disfigured-by-another-woman-photosvideo-2
The woman is allegedly a mistress and she had been assaulted after her lover’s wife discovered their affair.
They were first shared yesterday by ‘Zui Huo Huo Ge’, a user of Weibo, China’s equivalent to Twitter.
She was rescued by sympathizers but she refused to explain the cause of her injury, the public security bureau of the Anqiu city said on its official Weibo page.
However, the police said they would continue investigating the case and the woman has been sent to hospital for treatment.

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