OMG! 16-year-old Boy Jumped from a 23-Storey Building to Impress a Girl (Photos)

A 16-year-old boy, Alexander Shadrin, has risked his life by jumping from 23 floors from a high rise balcony  just to impressa girl but he survived after landing on the roof of a parked Renault taxi.
According to Dailymail, eyewitnesses revealed that the lovestruck Russian teenager who fell from 230 feet, had climbed over the railing of the balcony at his home in Novosibirsk, Siberia to prove his bravado to a female friend.omg-16-year-old-boy-jumped-from-a-23-storey-building-to-impress-a-girl-photos-1
The teenager whose stunt to prove his love would have been an instant death, had it not been for the Renault car parked below, suffered ‘serious injuries’ but is stable in intensive care.
Novosibirsk branch of the Investigative Committee, Russian equivalent of the FBI, disclosed that the teenager ‘climbed over the balcony rails, clung on for sometime, but then couldn’t hang on any longer, and fell onto a car parked below’. The driver was not inside his vehicle at the time.Teenager falls 23 floors and survives
Investigators have taken statements from witnesses including relatives of the boy. The identities of the girl he was seeking to impress and his relatives have not been made public.

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