7 Times President Buhari And His First Lady Aisha Buhari Gave Us Powerful Relationship Goals

Muhammadu Buhari and Aisha Buhari give us serious relationship goals, Which make us see them as a good lead to the whole country by example.

Here’re 10 pictures of them looking adorable together.

1. This cute photo of them when they were young.


2. This lovely throwback photo of the couple and their kids.this-lovely-throwback-photo-of-the-couple-and-their-kids

3. See how he looks at her so lovingly. see-how-he-looks-at-her-so-lovingly


4. Behind every successful man is a strong, beautiful woman. She solidly stood behind him while he took his oath of office.



5. See the pride in her eyes.



6. He’s probably thinking of how beautiful she is, and how lucky he is.


7. When they took a picture with the President of Cameroon and his wife, and Aisha had to step back to admire her husband. when-they-took-a-picture-with-the-president-of-cameroon-and-his-wife-and-aisha-had-to-step-back-to-admire-her-husband

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