See The Giant Anaconda Workers Find On A Construction Site In Brazil

A giant anaconda snake measuring 33-feet long was discovered on a building site in northern Brazil.

The giant snake weighing 400kg was found by construction workers following an explosion in a cave in Altamira, Pará.see-the-giant-anaconda-workers-find-on-a-construction-site-in-brazil-1
Footage filmed by one of the workers shows the snake’s gigantic body, which measures one metre in diameter. It was chained to a crane and lifted up to reveal its yellow spotted body. As at time of filling this report, it was unclear if the snake was killed or not…..See more photo below;see-the-giant-anaconda-workers-find-on-a-construction-site-in-brazil-2 see-the-giant-anaconda-workers-find-on-a-construction-site-in-brazil-3

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