Deadly Boko Haram Bomber Boy Caught By CJTF In Borno State (Photos)

According to a Facebook user, Muazu Alhaji Misiya who is the assistant secretary of CJTF 25 local Govt Borno state and overall CJTF secretary Bama,shared a photo of a young boy who is a confirmed member of Boko Haram.

This deadly boy photo as cause a mix reaction on Facebook, Some even suggest he should be cook….See details below+ more photo;boko-haram-bomber-boy-caught-by-cjtf-in-borno-state-photos-1 boko-haram-bomber-boy-caught-by-cjtf-in-borno-state-photos-3 boko-haram-bomber-boy-caught-by-cjtf-in-borno-state-photos-4 boko-haram-bomber-boy-caught-by-cjtf-in-borno-state-photos-5


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