See Michelle Obama’s Passport Reportedly Leaked Online By Hackers( Photo)

An image believed to be a scanned copy of Michelle Obama’s passport has been leaked online.

The First Lady’s details are thought to be among personal emails of a White House staff member hacked by DC Leaks.


The leak is the latest dump of sensitive material by a hacking entity US intelligence officials suspect is linked to Russia.

The hack also contains detailed schedules for top US officials and private email messages as well as Mrs Obama’s suspected travel document.

The authenticity of the passport or related documents have not been verified.

The White House employee, who also is reported to do advance work for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, was named as Ian Mellul. The emails published on Thursday appear to be from a Gmail account belonging to Mellul and largely contain mundane information concerning planning logistics for Clinton campaign events.

Responding to the alleged breach the White House said:

 “We take any reports of a cyber breach seriously, particularly if it contains some sensitive information. “Certainly, this is something we are taking a close look at it.”

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