OMG! See What Nasarawa Corpers Lodge Looks Like ( Disturbing Photos)

A social media user, Kylie Game shared the disturbing photos with details below, Though we were unable to confirm the story ;
“Our leaders are really wicked and inconsiderate. Now, these pictures are the true state of Corpers lodge in Karu, Karu Local Government, Nasarawa state. How much does it take to make a residential place for corpers to at least look like where humans stay and not where pigs will even reject. It’s so appalling and disheartening to know that this is the state of the place where Nasarawa state provided for corpers to live.omg-see-what-nasarawa-corpers-lodge-looks-like-disturbing-photos
“After looking at the pictures, I know some people will doubt and bet that these pictures are false and a ‘propaganda’ to paint the state government bad, but this is real and some corpers at the moment who have no option and choice are staying there.
“Upon inquiry, I was told that on countless times, corpers have called on the attention of the state NYSC body to intervene, pictures were even sent to the Zonal Inspector of NYSC in the state and they were all ignored. Now, how does the government want youths to even be productive when they can not provide a conducive place for the youths to stay in for just within the period of one year that they are mandated to take care of them.”
See more photos below;omg-see-what-nasarawa-corpers-lodge-looks-like-disturbing-photos-1 omg-see-what-nasarawa-corpers-lodge-looks-like-disturbing-photos-2 omg-see-what-nasarawa-corpers-lodge-looks-like-disturbing-photos-3 omg-see-what-nasarawa-corpers-lodge-looks-like-disturbing-photos-5 omg-see-what-nasarawa-corpers-lodge-looks-like-disturbing-photos-3 omg-see-what-nasarawa-corpers-lodge-looks-like-disturbing-photos-5 omg-see-what-nasarawa-corpers-lodge-looks-like-disturbing-photos-6

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