MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: New Saturday Night Live Comedian .. . Is EXPOSED . . . As A RACIST!! (Look At Her HORRIBLE Tweets)

: Saturday Night Live announced yesterday that they were hiring a new comedian – Melissa Villasenor. Many are calling her the first ever “Latina” on SNL.

Melissa gained popularity on America’s Got Talent and I guess she does a bunch of impressions.

Anyway, yesterday SNL fans noticed that Melissa deleted over 2,000 tweets in a single day. Immediately it got people wondering, and they did a bit of digging into Melissa’s old tweets.

The internet sleuths found some tweets that she’d forgotten to delete and started retweeting them. The Melissa girl then made her twitter page private. But people kept retweeting her racist tweets so she just deleted her account.

A few people were able to get a few screen shots. We can only imagine what the deleted ones said…


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