Monkeys Filmed Having ‘FUN’ on a Man’s Shoulder as Tourists Were Left Stunned (Photos+Video)

A video clip which is making rounds online and has already gone viral, shows how a tourist visiting an Indian monkey sanctuary, had the shock of his life after two monkeys started having s*x while standing on his shoulders
The incident which took place in the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud, Indonesia, sees an un-named American tourist filmed when a monkey scrambled up his side and perches on his shoulder.
According to Dailymail, without a warning, the second monkey leaps onto the first and begins to copulate furiously while the partner holds onto the man’s head.
The ‘victim’ then becomes a major source of amusement for his friends as they begin laughing raucously as one man shouted: ‘And they’re doing it on your head!’
See Photos Below….
See more photos and watch the hilarious video clip below;

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