Funny! Two Men High On Drugs Fall Asleep In Car While Waiting For Traffic Light

China Police arrested two men on Wednesday when found sleeping in a vehicle while waiting for the traffic light in south China’s Guangdong.

The driver and passenger were found sleeping in a vehicle while waiting at a red light in south China’s Guangdong on Wednesday. They were so soundly asleep that not even the honking from all the vehicles got held up behind could wake them.funny-two-men-high-on-drugs-fall-asleep-in-car-while-waiting-for-traffic-light-1

Police officers responded to calls and arrived at the scene. After failing to wake them up, the officers searched the car and found tools for methamphetamine. Before long, the men finally came to themselves, and were arrested.funny-two-men-high-on-drugs-fall-asleep-in-car-while-waiting-for-traffic-light-2

Both men were later found meth substances in their bodies.

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