See What Son Did For His Old Mother That Got Everyone Talking

 A Chinese man was pictured cuddling his 82-year-old mother which triggered a hot discussion on Chinese social media.

The photos was first spread on WeChat earlier this week.

Zhang Yongkang, from Jinhua in Zhejiang Province, said to Qianjiang Evening News, “My mother is unable to walk and barely eats. All I can do is hold her hand and let her feel some sense of safety. When I was a little kid, my mom also showed her affection to me by cuddling me.”see-what-son-did-for-his-old-mother-that-got-everyone-talking-1

Although he was commended by his neighbors, Zhang still felt bad for not being able to spare too much time for his mother until he found his mother was hardly able to move two years ago.

“Since my mom has cardiovascular disease, doctors have signed critical condition notices many times. I have taken care of my mother, and she has finally gotten over her health ‘barriers.’ I firmly believe that I need to accompany her more, which is the most effective medicine,” Zhang added.see-what-son-did-for-his-old-mother-that-got-everyone-talking-2

Zhang’s values have apparently reached a consensus with most Chinese netizens. Many of them laud him as a dutiful son and made a vow that they will treat their own parents as Zhang has done when their parents grow old.

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