OMG! See The Massive Fish Which Is Being Sold For Over N60 Million

A fisherman from east China caught a 1.56 meter long fish and wants to sell it for 1.1 million yuan, or about 165,000 USD (over N60 million).

The fish, a megalonibea fusca, weighs 48kgs and was caught near a reef off the coast of Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province on Sunday.
The fisherman said the fish is as rare as giant pandas. Many fishermen never would get the chance to catch one in their lifetime. See more photo below;omg-see-the-massive-fish-which-is-being-sold-for-over-n60-million-1 omg-see-the-massive-fish-which-is-being-sold-for-over-n60-million-2

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