Michael Irvin — Vince Lombardi Was Great … But Belichick's The GOAT

Cowboys HOF’er Michael Irvin is doubling down on his promise to replace Vince Lombardi‘s name with Bill Belichick‘s on his Super Bowl trophies … sayin’ B.B.’s simply the best.

TMZ Sports ran into Irvin at LAX, and not only did he confirm he’s serious about his shocking comment, he explained why Belichick is a BETTER COACH than Lombardi.

ICYMI, Irvin hit up Twitter yesterday and said if the Pats won tonight, he’d swap Lombardi’s name B.B.’s on his Lombardi Trophies.

FYI — Michael won 3 Super Bowls.

Sounds crazy … but he seems serious.

Check out the clip, and see for yourself!0922-michael-irvine-twitter


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