Drama as Young Man Betrays His Own Father to the Police

Drama recently at Nubian estate in Kisumu, Kenya, after son betrayed his father, Edward Dimba, to the police for criminal activities in the city.
Dimba was consequently arrested by Administration police officers after the tip-off from his son.
According to Tuko, the son accused the father of making counterfeit money in the house which he uses to con people.
Police raided the house Dimba lived in accompanied by the son. The incident attracted a crowd who were shocked that a son could betray his own father to the cops.drama-as-young-man-betrays-his-own-father-to-the-police-1
According to the son, his father has been arrested several times but was always released by his criminal associates.
The son accused the father of neglecting the family who now depend on him for their upkeep.
The son said he had to leave school and work as a boda-boda rider after after his mum lost her job at Milimani Hospital.
“My father has continued to con his unsuspecting clients who come calling at our house in Nubian Estate that he can manufacture money’
“I have a sister in Form Three and another sibling in nursery whom am forced to cater for their school fee despite my meager pay. I use someone’s motorbike which I hire for KSh 300 daily,” he said.
Police confiscated a machine used in printing the fake money, they also recovered several counterfeit notes at the house of the suspect.
The suspect is said to have been engaged in the criminal activities for more than 10 years.
Culled from: Tori

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