SO SAD! This Little Girl Suffers From Horrific Burns After Falling Inside Boiling Pot Of Oil In Lagos

An appeal has been made to kind-hearted Nigerians over the plight of this little girl, Glory Jayeola, who got burnt after falling inside a boiling pot of vegetable oil last week.

According to a report, She is in so much agony at LUTH General Hospital in Lagos. See full details below;so-sad-this-little-girl-suffers-from-horrific-burns-after-falling-inside-boiling-pot-of-oil-in-lagos-1so-sad-this-little-girl-suffers-from-horrific-burns-after-falling-inside-boiling-pot-of-oil-in-lagos-1 so-sad-this-little-girl-suffers-from-horrific-burns-after-falling-inside-boiling-pot-of-oil-in-lagos-3


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