OMG! See A Python Killed By a Group of Boys In Akwa Ibom State

A group of young boys killed a very long python today Akwa Ibom state.

According to the witness who shared these photos, the youths were so excited about their big “catch” which they plan on eating as they cherished the moment by posing with it. See more photo below;

omg-see-a-python-killed-by-a-group-of-boys-in-akwa-ibom-state-1 omg-see-a-python-killed-by-a-group-of-boys-in-akwa-ibom-state-2 omg-see-a-python-killed-by-a-group-of-boys-in-akwa-ibom-state-3 omg-see-a-python-killed-by-a-group-of-boys-in-akwa-ibom-state-4

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